The Flower communion is a celebration of human unity in difference yet, in a broader sense, of unity of all universe and of spring and life. The history of this communion reaches back to 1923. At present it is being celebrated in different countries of the world. In the Czech Republic, which is the country of its birth, we celebrate it as well. This us us, the Prague Unitarian Congregation — watch the video which will take you from history to present:

The Prague Unitarian Congregation is the place where the Flower Communion came to life. How did it happen? In 1923, shortly after the Czech Unitarian movement was founded, Norbert Fabian Čapek felt the need to emphasize the difference of people and at the same time what they have in common. As he said, this celebration should not be a cheap substitute of the traditional Christian communion, it should, in a sense, mean more and reach further and not connect people through a certain ideology but provide space to unite each and one person, all people of good will. The main motive should be to emphasize human identity and unifying presence of life principle.

Today we in Prague hold our Flower Communion with great pride every year. In 2012, we celebrated the 90th year Anniversary of establishing of the Czech Unitarian tradition — watch the movie from that special occasion, which was organized for the first time as International Flower Communion:


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