Welcome to the website dedicated to the Flower Communion, its history and presence.

The Flower Comnunion is a celebration of human unity in diversity, but in a broader sense also the unity of the universe, as well as a celebration of spring and life. Nowadays it is celebrated in different countries of the world and in different religious denominations. However, the roots of this celebration lie with us, in the Czech lands, and even directly with us, the Czech Unitarians.

What will you not learn on these pages? – Definitely not what a “proper” Flower Communion should look like. On the contrary, you will learn here what it can look like. Unitarians are free-spirited people who like creative and sometimes playful spirituality. They do not want to prescribe to others or to themselves the only correct way of celebrating.

If you’re a Unitarian – and even if you’re not – perhaps these pages will inspire you to celebrate it in your own  unique way.





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