Welcome, whoever you are!

Welcome to this place of celebrating unity in diversity,
appreciation of uniqueness of every individual,
and spring festival of life called Flower Communion.
Each flower is unique, just like every person.


It was a particularly special event this year. We want to thank to all those Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists throughout who were with us in spirit and who sent us “virtual flowers” which we incorporated into our flower collection on Sunday June 4th.

The celebration is already over, and it was great!  Video recording is already available here:

If you would like to read the sermon by Rev. Petr Samojský and Rev. Mark Shiels from the Prague Flower Communion event, it is here available for download: 2017-06-04_Flower_Communion_Sermon.

You may also dowload the Mosaic (special recording of Unitarian representatives from various countries around the world) as well as the score of newly discovered hymn by N. F. Čapek at the Sources web page.

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