During the first Flower Communion in 1923 N. F. Čapek presented the following words as Blessing of the Flowers:

All human beings are created in the name of joy and happiness, but thousands of troubles surround us, tormenting us with sadness. If a person cannot see beauty in the world around them, then troubles and sadness tie them down. The beauty of the clouds floating in the sky, the beauty of the spring rain, the beauty of flowers, the beauty of friendship and love. May people see that beauty. May true humanity spread out in human hearts; may we all get our daily bread; may people forgive each other their trespasses and not bring each other into temptation through hatred. May peace spread out across all the Earth. Amen.

For this year we asked the Unitarian and Universalist leaders from around the world to help with presenting Čapek‘s words.  The result is this unique Mosaic of Blessing of the Flowers:

Any congregation or person around the world is welcome to use this Mosaic of Blessing of the Flowers for your worship service. If needed, the individual takes are available here too:

A new hymn by N. F. Čapek
This year, at the Flower Communion will sound the N. F. Čapek’s song My Life is Made Worthwhile. This hymn was written by N. F. Čapek on March 31 in Dachau. It was taken out from Dachau by his daughter Zora and newly recovered in the archive of Unitaria, the Religious Society of Czech Unitarians. The lyrics with score is available here in pdf format:

My life is made worthwhile by fighting bravely on
for those ideals I hold most great and holy.
Though evil winds may blow, they will not rock the calm
in my soul, which remains both quiet and lowly.
I might be disapointed, I might fall in the fight,
but I am sure that my life was worth living.
The life which is to come has been my holy shrine,
I trust that I have lived a life worth giving.

For heaven waits for those whose spirits have won through,
but I am sure that my life was worth living.
And they will find the sun who minds have let them rise
and stand against the darkness and the mayhem.

History of the Flower Communion
Article about the history of Flower Communion by Petr Samojský. Available here in pdf format.

Special music for Flower Communion
CD recording of special music for Flower Communion for choir, orchestra and organ. Written by the Czech composer Karel Loula. Listening to this music one is taken through time to the days when the Czech Unitarian movement started. Available for purchase at the e-shop.

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