You take that one plain flower and add another and another, and soon you have a display of great beauty.

I think people are like that, too.  Don’t you?


The Flower Communion is intended to symbolize the way in which, just as no two flowers are alike, so no two people are alike, yet each has a contribution to make to the community. This is a wonderful way to affirm and celebrate our Unitarian Universalist faith and the spiritual community we create when we join together in our congregations.FlowerCommunion2015_b

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate our annual Flower Communion, a beautiful and distinctly Unitarian Universalist ritual of spring. Join us for this multi-generational worship service in which our sanctuary will be filled with flowers, and our hearts will be filled with joy and gratitude for the bountiful beauty of the earth.

(Rev. Bill Gupton)

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